Julie, Nutritional Therapy expert



Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional science for the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Our nutritional therapist, Julie Deeks, uses dietary adjustments and lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellbeing. By analysing your diet and eating habits Julie can establish what you need more and less of to achieve optimal health. This is a positive approach to health and allows you to be in control of your symptoms.

Nutritional therapy is suitable for everyone. A full medical history is always taken to ensure that named diseases and pharmaceutical drugs are taken into consideration to avoid contraindications and unsafe practice.

Julie can help those newly diagnosed with medical conditions to provide better nutritional support and help combat possible side effects of their medication. She aims to offer an integrated approach to health and work alongside other practitioners when appropriate.

Julie will listen to your goals and offer you the tools and education to help you achieve them. Having a better understanding of why one has particular symptoms is empowering and motivating. All dietary and lifestyle changes will be explained and tailor made to you, taking into consideration your budget and lifestyle.

You will have a confidential one hour one-to-one consultation with Julie and receive a personalised food plan and, if required, recipes and shopping lists. Julie also offers a supplement programme to support the food plan and a 15% discount code for Revital Health food stores.

Where necessary Julie offers laboratory testing to establish nutritional deficiencies, food intolerance, and stool testing, to better understand an individual’s symptoms and provide a more targeted personalised programme.

Please note:
Recommended dietary supplements and laboratory tests are charged separately and at the retail price. Shopping trips and phone support are available at the hourly rate.

Prior to your appointment, you will be required to fill out a Dietary and Health questionnaire and email it back to us before you come in. You can download this form here.

If you would like to book an appointment with our Richmond Nutritional Therapist, please give us a call on 020 8332 6184, email us at info@theforgeclinic.com.

Please note that our treatments do not replace medical advice and treatment. If you have any concerns, please see your GP first.