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Who we can help at our Richmond clinic

If you have a condition relating to back or muscular pain we can assist you with a wide range of therapies from Osteopathy and Physiotherapy to Acupuncture.

For sports players of all ages, The Forge Richmond Clinic provides specialist help with sports injuries as well as help with reaching peak fitness.

Senior citizens can find expert help with age-related pain or mobility problems and we also provide accident and post-operative rehabilitation.

We can help mothers and babies before and after the birth, with massage, cranial massage for babies and nutritional therapy.

Our Women’s Health specialists are also there to help you get back in shape after pregnancy. Whatever your age, they can give you advice and help with conditions such as gynaecological, pelvic floor or bladder problems as well as other women’s health-related issues.

Our nutritional therapist can also help you ensure you get all the nutrients you need and our team of therapists can continue to provide support for your children as they grow older. More information.

Although some patients already know the type of treatment they require, or would like therapy to complement the medical procedures carried out by their GP, it is equally common for patients to come to us with a specific problem such as back pain. In this case, we discuss your symptoms in more detail before recommending which type of therapist you should see.

Whether you would like to book a specific treatment or need help with diagnosis, simply call us on 020 8332 6184 or contact us to request a callback.