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At The Forge Clinic, we specialise in manual treatments and alternative therapies. Based in a building that was once a forge, our friendly practitioners have been treating the local community since 1995. In that time, we have built a team that boasts excellent qualifications, a wealth of experience and a commitment to ongoing clinical development.
Welcome to The Forge Clinic, a multi-disciplinary clinic based in the heart of Richmond.

Keep safe this Christmas!

Winter is a time for dashing about with lots to do – even if you’d rather be tucked up on the sofa in the warm! With all that we have to do before Christmas, now is not the time to sustain an injury!

Atomospheric, romantic, festive… Ice skating is a lovely way to spend […]

Winter Events in Richmond

We’ve yet to deck the halls at The Forge (though receptionist Nikki is ready and raring to go with the tinsel!) but we’re already filling up our diaries for the festive season. We’ve got our Christmas party to look forward to, but there are lots of other events coming up in Richmond this winter.

Christmas […]

Don’t comfort eat this winter!

After a lovely summer and warm October, the shorter days and cold damp weather is on its way.  With these  come lifestyle and eating habits changes. Today our Nutritional Therapist Julie Deeks is here to help you make healthier choices this winter.

We do tend to hibernate a little bit, watch more TV and eat […]

Jackie at The Rugby World Cup!

We are very happy to say that massage therapist Jackie Takahashi is now back treating on Wednesday mornings after her time away working with the Japanese rugby team for the Rugby World Cup. But we couldn’t let her get away without answering some questions about her experience!

How did you get involved?
I have been treating […]

Do You Need Nutritional Therapy?

If you experience back pain you are likely to  book an appointment with one of our Osteopaths, Physiotherapists or Chiropractor. If you’re feeling tense, you may book for a massage with one of our massage therapists. But how do you know when to see  Julie, our Nutritional Therapist?
 Allergies/Food intolerance
If you are concerned that you might have […]

Health Trends: The Pros and Cons

We currently live in an incredibly fast paced world – you don’t have to wait until tonight’s news or tomorrow’s papers for the latest news, it’s right there on your mobile phone. Even monthly magazines provide almost daily content online so you don’t have to wait a month for the latest trends.

As a result, […]

The Most Common Back Pain Question

Chiropractor Jean Luc Lafitte has been treating back pain in all its forms for many years. As part of BackCare Awareness Week, he shares the most common question he hears from his patients.

“I am often asked with some surprise by my patients why they have so much back pain, when all they did was […]

BackCare Awareness Week 2015

Today marks the first day of BackCare Awareness Week 2015.

Back pain is something we see every day here at The Forge Clinic and we know how debilitating and frustrating to live with it can be. BackCare’s aims are to fund more scientific research into back pain, in order to thoroughly understand the causes so […]

Staycations: Enjoy the last of the sunshine on your own doorstep!

Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather lately? The weather has been kind to us as we transition from summer to autumn – and so it should after that less than stellar summer we had!

There are rumours aplenty that the coming winter will be a long and tough one, so now is the time […]

The Rugby World Cup!

We are all very excited to have the Rugby World Cup on our doorstep this year! There are several very big rugby enthusiasts on the Forge team. From physiotherapists Rory Mee and David Silver, who regularly work with rugby players to massage therapist Jackie Takahashi who is currently working with the Japanese Rugby Team […]