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About The Forge Clinic

At The Forge Clinic, we specialise in manual treatments and alternative therapies. Based in a building that was once a forge, our friendly practitioners have been treating the local community since 1995. In that time, we have built a team that boasts excellent qualifications, a wealth of experience and a commitment to ongoing clinical development.
Welcome to The Forge Clinic, a multi-disciplinary clinic based in the heart of Richmond.

Perk Up Your Morning

Today we’re looking at a subject that can be touchy for some people – mornings. While some lucky people find getting up early and getting going incredibly easy, many of us don’t.

While some research indicates your preference for late nights or early mornings might be genetically hard-wired, there’s no doubt that our society is […]

Chiropractic: Tools of the Trade

In the last of our series of blogs on Chiropractic treatment, we look at the tools that Chiropractor Jean Luc Lafitte uses in his treatment.

He uses two main tools:


This is the main tool that Jean Luc uses in his treatments and was developed specifically for Chiropractors. It works by pulsating at 12 beats a […]

Chiropractic in Practice

Today we’re going to break down a typical Chiropractic treatment for you, so that you have an idea of what to expect in your appointment. Please note, however, that as each patient is different, each treatment will be slightly different and tailored to your specific needs. This blog, from our Chiropractor, Jean Luc Lafitte […]

Chiropractic: Your Questions Answered

Today on the blog, our chiropractor Jean Luc Lafitte will be answering some of the questions and common misconceptions we regularly hear about his form of treatment.

Jean Luc has been treating for over twenty years and prides himself on the fact that people put their trust and faith in him to help them on the road […]

Challenge Yourself – Change Your Life

How are you feeling about your life at the moment? Are you happy with everything – or are you craving a little more excitement and adventure?

A lot of people would say that they are looking for a little something more than their day-to-day routine. This is not to say that you are unhappy in […]

Too Hot Outside? Head Inside!

Do you head outside for your usual work out routine? Summer time can play havoc with your outdoor work out routine as the UK is as prone to blazing heat as it is to summer showers (ok, maybe less of the blazing heat…) If you hate running in the rain or are struggling in the […]

Summer Fun With The Kids!

Summer holidays can be tough – you can’t always rely on the weather and they seem to go on forever! If you’re already struggling for ideas or need some for the tail end of the holidays, here are some things you can try.


Though British Summertime can be unreliable, it can also be blazing hot! […]

‘Fitspiration’: Help or Hindrance?

It seems you can’t log on to any social media channel these days without coming across someone’s fitness post. Whether it’s a triumphant post-run selfie from a friend, or a beautifully styled pre-yoga set-up from a celebrity, ‘fitspiration’ is all around us.

But does it actually help you?

How do these pictures make you feel?
When you […]

The Perfect Picnic

Picnics are great fun; do you usually pop into a super market and buy a load of pre-packed sandwiches, some crisps and a bottle of wine?

What would happen if you did a bit if planning ahead and created an amazingly healthy and tasty picnic for your friends and family?

Here are some ideas which Nutritional […]

What We’re Doing This Summer

What are you doing this summer? We hope it’s something fun and involving some glorious sunshine. We’re definitely aiming for some fun in the sun this summer. Here’s what we’re getting up to in summer 2015…

Receptionist Nikki has already been on her summer holiday to Greece, but is looking forward to some camping weekends […]