Back-painBack pain: Facts and Fiction

There are many misconceptions about what to when you suffer from back pain. Here we discuss some of them in the light of the latest evidence.

Back pain is common and normal

As many as four out of five (80%) of us will experience back pain at some point. However, while it can be painful and inconvenient, it is rarely serious. Back pain can be experienced at any age.

A scan is rarely needed

Research shows that scans may not help with establishing the cause of back pain. Scans will often show some changes in the spine, however this may not be linked with your back pain. Scans may also reveal changes in the spine in patients without any back pain and this can cause unnecessary concern. Our healthcare practitioners at The Forge Clinic are able to diagnose back pain by discussing your symptoms and conducting a physical examination.

Rest is not best

In the past, it was thought the best cure for a bad back was rest. We now know it is better to keep moving. Bed rest for more than a day is not a good idea and has been shown to prolong your recovery time and can lead to persistent long-term back pain. Remaining active and gradually returning to all your normal activities is the key to recovery.

Don’t stop bending and lifting

Contrary to common belief, lifting and bending should not be avoided. While you might have strained your back by lifting something very heavy or by bending awkwardly, you should not stop moving your spine. Excessively protecting your back could delay your return to full normal activity.

Exercise is good for a bad back

Many people with back pain avoid exercising as they think it might cause more problems. This isn’t the case. You should try to remain as physically active as possible as this can reduce the severity of your symptoms. It is also recommended that you continue working, or return to work as soon as possible.

More hurt does not mean more harm

The degree of pain you feel can vary according to a number of factors, such as your mood, anxiety, fitness, stress levels and your ability to cope. You may feel more pain when you move, even though you’re not doing any harm.

Surgery is rarely necessary

Surgery is rarely an option for back pain. Research shows that non-surgical intervention, such as rehabilitation and exercise, should always come first.

Back pain CAN get better

Most people can be reassured that their back pain will soon subside without any lasting damage.

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