Moving MedicineDoctors will soon be prescribing exercise, reports Alan Burke, at the recent national conference on sport health at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Alan says: “The government initiative, revealed by Consultant Sports Physician, Dr Paul Jackson, is to promote exercise as an important way to treat patients and boost the nation’s health.”

These new plans, under the title Moving Medicine, will give exercise a significant role in how we treat and prevent heart and respiratory diseases, Type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and some cancers.

What is Moving Medicine?

Doctors will prescribe exercise to their patients in the same way they promote medications or operations. Evidence shows that physical activity is as effective as other therapies in treating many long-term conditions and has powerful benefits for both physical and mental well-being.

Make the move to boost your health through exercise

Everyone is different, so how do you know which types of physical activity will be most beneficial for you? The answer is to get advice from an expert.

Our team of highly trained osteopaths and physiotherapists at The Forge Clinic in Richmond can discuss which types of exercise may be right for you and create a personalised exercise and movement programme that suits your individual needs.

Our role is to teach you how to exercise within the constraints of your disease, injury or imbalance as well as helping you achieve your general fitness goals.

Get on track with an exercise prescription tailored for you

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Exercise is the new medicine