London Marathon 2018

For those of you are running the London Marathon 2018, Sports Massage Therapist Naomi Johns and Physiotherapist David Silver share their key tips on getting through the race.


  • Have breakfast. Eat at least 2 hours before the start. Porridge, bananas and coffee are our favourites but don’t try anything new.
  • Get to the start early. But don’t get cold. Take a dustbin bag or old top to keep you warm.
  • Be comfortable.Wear runners you’ve trained in and avoid wearing anything brand new.


  • Pace yourself. Run at a steady pace until at least the half way mark. Conserve your energy for the last and hardest miles. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Listen to your feet. Are they heavy on the ground? Lighter steps mean less impact. So imagine a helium balloon on the top of your head lifting and opening your shoulders.
  • Remember to breathe. Steady breathing allows you to conserve energy and gets oxygen where it needs to go.
  • Stay hydrated. Alternate water with sports drinks. Too much water depletes cells of essential vitamins, minerals and salts. The body views sports drinks as food, which doesn’t dilute the tissues.
  • Occupy your mind. Sing songs from beginning to end or anything else to keep your mind off any discomfort. By the final few miles, it really is a case of mind over matter, so talk yourself through those last miles and just keep going!
  • Enjoy it. Relish every moment of the race. This is the time to savour all your hard training!


  • Don’t just stop! Once you’re over that finish line walk around for ten minutes to bring your heart rate down and avoid stiffness. Eat and drink something soon after you finish.

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