Prudential RideLondon

Alan Burke, Sports Osteopath at The Forge Clinic shares his training schedule for the Prudential RideLondon and tips for a successful ride.

“With just five days to go before my 6th Prudential RideLondon 100 I am now having an easy week winding down. The hard work has been done over the last six months and the next few days I will only do one short ride, some TRX and plenty of stretching and foam roller.

“I have been stretching daily and using the foam roller on my legs and back about five days a week. With cycling, hip flexors and quadriceps get very tight and need to be stretched regularly.

“Over the last six months I have averaged 100 miles per week consisting of commuting and weekend rides over the Surrey hills and Windsor. My furthest ride over this period has been just over 80 miles with many of the rides being around 50-60 miles. I have completed 60+ mile rides on the IOW and New Forest which were both quite hilly.

“I have worked on my hill climbing this year to improve my times over the Surrey hills and in the last few weeks I have been working on sustaining 20+ mph cycling for a good distance.

“My last long ride was three days ago and I cycled 63 miles with long stages of the ride averaging 21 mph.

“This year I am cycling in a four-man team with friends from Teddington Turing Velo. We are a team with similar abilities and hope to complete the 100 miles in around four hours and 30 minutes.”


Eat breakfast two hours before the start. Have some sort of food (gels, snacks) at least every hour and on the return make sure you don’t forget to keep hydrating and having snacks. You will probably burn around 2000 calories on the ride so you need to keep taking on energy.

You will need at least two water bottles and will probably consume a lot more as it’s going to be hot. When you feel thirsty, drink, try and be aware of what your body needs. If towards the end of the ride you start to feel grumpy or fatigued then get some energy from your food. You will feel much better after eating.

Be careful on the descents off the hills. If you are struggling on the hills keep to the left hand side of the road to allow others to pass.

Most of all enjoy the ride, it will be great.

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