David Silver – Testimonials

“Dave goes above and beyond the level of service you would expect. An exceptional practitioner and also a great bloke.”

“Such an amazing man. He was very skilled in helping! I thought for sure my back was done for. But [David] was able to use kind words, some humour and work with my stubbornness to help me get better. If ever I have back pain again I would reach out for him. Thanks for the skills.”

“Fantastic people and extremely positive experience, thank you.”

“A very helpful series of sessions giving me the tools to manage an ongoing recurring problem.”

“David is very professional and has given me very good advice. I have found him to be more truthful than just coating it with sugar i.e telling me what I want to hear. He has also helped with treating the overall problems rather than just the symptoms. Thank you.”

“David’s attention, care and easily understood wealth of knowledge have certainly made a difference.”

“Dear David, without your professional, intelligent, knowledgeable and well versed approach I would not be as encouraged/ excited about experiencing the positive future I feel determined to have.”

“I found [David] to be a wonderful physio. He was kind and compassionate and made me feel at ease straight away.”

“Many thanks for an excellent professional service. Just brilliant, just great. Thanks.”
Dr Y.C.

“I feel David understood my problems and gave me good practical advice on engaging and effective strategies.”

“David was always very clear in his explanation of proposed remedial activities. He also listened attentively to my summary of the problems.”

“First Class.”

“I cannot put in to words how I was treated and how the pain was diminished through my treatment and exercises.”

“[David] is very positive which keeps me positive. I trust his judgement.”

“Thank you for giving me the tools and the mental confidence to start on my road to fitness again. Your clear and intelligent explanations and exercises/ goals have helped me immensely both from a physical and mental point of view. The digital follow up is brilliant and rounds off the whole amazing experience.”

“David has been invaluable in dealing with my symptoms and causes. Have recommended him to friends.”

“I have received fantastic care at The Forge Clinic and feel much better prepared/ educated about how to try and prevent future back pain. Thank you.”

“Following a significant tear to my Achilles tendon, David effectively managed my injury and significantly shortened the rehabilitation period – I can thoroughly recommend David and his support team.”

“David has a fantastic way of explaining things, which helps to motivate and encourage you in the programme.”

“David spotted a number of seemingly unrelated things that were not right about the way I walked (and ran). Video analysis helped me understand and orthotic insoles helped my increase my speed.”

“David Silver is an outstanding practitioner. He is clever, sensitvie, thoughtful and proactive in enabling me to feel empowered to improve my own health. Would highly recommend him and this practice.”

“David has been excellent, overseeing my treatment for an ankle fracture from start to my return to play. He educated me about my problem and administered treatment regularly to speed my healing and strength. Many thanks.”
Scott Harris MPFC

“After 4 sessions I finally feel I have been shown how to take care of and improve my back problem.”

“This was a skilled and intelligent approach that has clearly improved my condition. David is a superlative physio.”

“I had seen several doctors and practitioners who had been unable to prevent recurrences of my back and leg problem. David gave me a clear plan of action, clearly explaining cause, effect and treatment.”

“David was always very clear in explaining what was happening and why I was in pain. He gave me a comprehensive exercise plan to get me back on track.”

“Thank you for the excellent and positive treatments. You helped me to get back on track much faster than I expected. A big thank you for the help!”

“I felt confident that David was working with and for me and, most importantly, really understood my problem.”

“David Silver was superb over my four sessions with him. There was real progression: the first two focussed on diagnosis and simple exercises, plus advice on pillows (sleeping posture, etc) and posture/positioning at my computer. The final two sessions built up more complex exercises and explanations of how they worked. And they have been working well. Neck and shoulder now much better than when I first came to David. Thank you!”

“Great physio – amazed at how quickly I started to feel better. Posture is so much better and I am more aware of how I sit and stand.”

“David is one of the best physiotherapists I’ve seen – and I’ve seen quite a few in my 49 years! I came to see him with chronic lower back ache and was barely able to move. Four sessions later and my back is nearly back to great!”

“David is excellent. Pinpointed underlying problem and really targeted the specific area to be worked on. Excellent plan for going forward alone. Have already recommended the clinic to a colleague!”

“David, thank you and thank you a thousand times for treating me, your faith in getting results from the right exercises, your energy and assurance it would work. Your knowledge helped me surmount obstacles. […] Struggling on with the exercises, not believing they would help very much, I still persisted with your encouragement and found, to my amazement, the sciatic pain abruptly left me. […] I not only feel good, look good and have lost weight, but my pelvis in the right place and my legs look longer! I am so grateful for your million dollar treatment, your wisdom in diagnosis.”

“David displays deep understanding of the workings of the back. He has helped me understand what is happening and how to deal with the problem. Thanks!”

“Very clearly showed me the cause of my upper body bending forward; it’s due to my hip and my right foot pointing to the right instead of going straight.”

“I feel very confident in David’s approach – he is extremely knowledgeable and is able to introduce and communicate exercises and approaches which are effective. This has made a noticeable difference and improvement to my neck and back problems I had been experiencing.”

“David was very understanding about my symptoms and was very positive in his treatment, with plans for improvement.”

“Very thorough and upbeat and took the time to listen and work through things. I would recommend David to friends.”

“David has a fantastic way of explaining things which helps to motivate and engage you in the programme.”

“Excellent advice and support. He’s been a huge help!”

“The exercise regime that David has given me is very helpful – doable and simple at the same time. After 4 visits, I am leaving with a very good understanding about the back problem I presented with initially, as well as how to prevent any further flare-ups. I am lucky I was referred to The Forge Clinic. David was extremely helpful. Many thanks.”

“I would recommend David to anyone who has back issues! Excellent service, thanks!”

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