Jason Bianchi – Testimonials

“Was rather apprehensive about being treated by a male massage therapist as have generally seen a female practitioner in the past, however Jason made me feel completely at ease. He worked on areas I hadn’t even realised were tight and I felt miles better after the treatment. Jason offered some really helpful stretching advice after treatment, would definitely see him again.”

“Jason is a very pleasant massage therapist who took great steps to put me at ease during my session. It was the first time I had had a male massage therapist and it wasn’t awkward at all. Jason was very discreet and I didn’t feel embarrassed. Jason quickly identified my problem areas and really helped loosen out my legs and tension in my back. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

“Jason is an outstanding therapist. He seems to intuit which muscle needs attention without being asked. I always feel completely restored after treatment- no muscle forgotten, no movement is wasted. Thank you Jason for fixing me and making me feel human again.”