Lara Maddison – Testimonials

“Lara has been really amazing at working out the problem with my back and advising me. I’m grateful for all the support and advice she has given me.”

“Lara was so patient, understanding and professional- being pregnant and in pain is difficult. Lara was respectful, considerate and supportive.”

“Lara was great, she really understood my issues and concerns and worked effectively to resolve it. She is kind, friendly and compassionate, not to mention excellent at her job. Would definitely recommend her.”

“Thank you very much for being amazing and helping me with my back pain. Thank you!”

“Lara was excellent at making me feel at ease and explaining everything to me.”

“I was very happy with Lara, who is a lovely person. She listens and gently makes suggestions. I enjoyed our weekly sessions and the encouragement she unobtrusively gave. I’ll be seeing her again.”

“Thank you to Lara. She was extremely kind, helpful and knowledgeable. She made everything better! I feel much more confident and less worried. I would recommend her and The Forge Clinic. Thank you!”

“I was reassured & supported in a calm, professional environment. The clinic is excellent in every way.”

“[Lara] is so kind, very professional and she taught me a lot about how to control the pain. I feel much better after these two sessions. Many Thanks.”

“Could not have asked for a better physio. She was excellent.”

“I would like to thank Lara for the excellent treatment and advice and encouragement, which has given me the determination to continue with the exercises. Thank you Lara.”

“After four sessions with Lara the physio, I feel much better, my neck pain has gone totally and I feel that my back pain is getting better.”

“Lara and all the staff have been brilliant, very welcoming and would definitely recommend them. Thank you!”

“Lara is a fantastic practitioner. Very calm and understanding when describing my pain and very clear when teaching me how to manage it. I would thoroughly recommend her!”

“Lara is a wonderful caring person!”

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