Naomi Johns – Testimonials

“Naomi has treated me a number of times for running related issues and general neck/ back aches and strains. She was also able to completely relieve the pain of my rather tight Achilles which was a huge relief after weeks of pain walking up and down stairs. Have been recommending her to all my friends and family.”

“One of the the best massage therapists I have ever had. Naomi not only has healing hand, she looks to find problems areas and really has a superb understanding of the anatomy. I can’t recommend her enough.”

“Naomi is a life saver and a delight. The best treatment for stuck muscles. A real talent. Thank you. ”

“Naomi is a really lovely massage therapist who instantly puts you at ease. She understood my aches and pains and remembered them on subsequent visits. Naomi gave me some great tips as to how to work on my specific problem areas (tight ham strings and hip flexors) and after a massage session with her my legs felt so much lighter!”