Rory Mee – Testimonials

“Rory has my complete trust. He is knowledgeable, caring and I believe that if anyone can get me better it will be him.”

“Rory is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable practitioner, who was very positive about the outcome of our treatments. There was great improvement in my back pain after a couple of sessions and I am now happy to say that I am pain free and confident I have the tools I need to avoid it in the future!”
F. C.

“I’ve had back pain for a long time. Mr Mee knew exactly where to focus on. within a few sessions I began to notice improvements and I feel a whole lot better now. Thank you.”

“Excellent care from Rory- really impressed throughout. Thank you.”
Dr I.M.

“Couldn’t wish for better!!”

“Very pleased, Rory is now treating my wife!.”

“Rory has improved my back, I can’t believe I came to The Forge Clinic expecting surgery and was later 100% better. Thank you.”

“Rory is the best!.”

“Rory is an excellent physiotherapist. He made the correct diagnosis and helped me tremendously over a period of few weeks. I greatly recommend him to anyone.”

“Thank you so much for your support, treatment and exercise/ stretch plan. I feel so much more positive about my neck pain, how to manage it and confident about the future.”

“Thank you so much for your support, treatment and exercise/ stretch plan. I feel so much more positive about my neck pain, how to manage it and confident about the future.”

“[Rory] gave me back my sense of, I’m in control of my back. Realistic strategies given to me to strengthen my back. Interesting sessions put me at ease immediately as [he has a] very engaging personality. Thank you.”

“Best physiotherapist I have ever had.”

“Excellent service, understanding my needs and providing helpful tips suited for myself. ”

“A very professional, caring, knowledgeable and friendly physiotherapist. Top notch.”

“Excellent treatment all round and an excellent physiotherapist. Extremely knowledgeable. ”

“I could not be more pleased. The treatment was excellent and the exercises given to me to do at home were so good and worked well. I am delighted to be pain free. Thank you.”

“I would highly recommend Rory. He has a great manner and a genuine concern for his patients welfare. He takes time to understand and explain and treat the symptoms.”

“As stated in the questionnaire Rory has been excellent in every aspect. So good that I have recommended him to my friends.”

“Rory has helped so much to resolve and for me to manage my problem.Thank you. Would not hesitate to return if there was a need.”

“A very pleasant capable practitioner who put me at ease, took a full history and gave me practical specific advice re exercises etc. Really very good experience and very helpful. Thank you.”

“Really good practitioner – very patient – took good time to listen to my description of my issues and put in place plans to rectify them.”

“The evaluation/ ‘diagnosis’ of the actual problem was done thoroughly in the first session and exercises were developed over the following sessions, resulting in me feeling well ‘trained’ to continue on my own.”

“Overall a very positive experience which has helped me greatly to improve my lower back pain and provide an exercise scheme I can use effectively. Thank you.”

“I would happily recommend Rory to friends and family. Many thanks.”

“Rory’s energetic, knowledgeable methodology really helped improve my movement and confidence on the road to recovery after a back injury. I am very grateful and would thoroughly and highly recommend him.”

“Rory was very friendly and professional. He took great care in diagnosis and treatment throughout the course. He provided me with a personalised treatment where I felt like he really cared about curing me! Very happy!”

“Rory was very good. I would definitely come back to see him again.”

“I felt cared for and well looked after. I would totally recommend!”

“Rory took time to understand my full set of symptoms and concerns. I was very impressed by his knowledge and the effectiveness of his approach. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Thanks!”

“I have found Rory to be excellent and would recommend him to anyone. From the first consultation in which he clearly explained my condition, put me at ease and gave me a plan of exercises, I have felt an almost immediate improvement. Very professional, conscientious and easy to work with, also a very nice chap! I am pleased to have chosen The Forge Clinic.”

“Rory has been very helpful, understanding and supportive. He has understood my issues and not pushed the pain levels that I have had.  He has been excellent and I would recommend him to my friends and colleagues.”
H.K .

“Rory was excellent – very polite and helpful. He took the time to understand my physical symptoms and develop a plan for recovery. Very pleased with my exercises which have been very beneficial. Thank you!”

“Excellent work. Immediate improvement in my condition which only got better over the sessions I had with him.”

“I have appreciated both the time and patience shown to me. I could not have wished for a better treatment. Many thanks.”

“I am feeling a lot better at the end of my sessions than at the start thanks to Rory.”

“It was such a pleasure coming to Rory for treatment. He always explained things thoroughly and took my thoughts and concerns into account. Finally, he gave me some hope that my stubborn, long-standing issue may be able to be improved.”

“Brilliant work, knowledgeable and skilled. Would definitely recommend.”

“Rory has been exceptionally good at handling my case and been very easy and approachable. That in itself cured me to great extent. Good luck to him.”

“My treatment at The Forge Clinic has been excellent and hugely facilitated my recovery. The physiotherapist took a great deal of time to listen and provide appropriate exercises for my injury. I am grateful to have received such first rate care.”

“Rory is an excellent practitioner and very much hands-on treatment. I will strongly recommend him.”

“Rory has helped me feel much better in the last four/five weeks. I have had helpful treatments and good advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Rory if I needed more treatment.”

“Rory was very thorough and helpful and the treatment eased my pain.”

“Rory has been fantastic. I arrived in a lot of discomfort and pain and over a very short space of time he has got me up and running again. He has listened to my concerns and has been great to deal with. Thank you so much.”

“Rory Mee examined and listened to me and swiftly diagnosed the neck problems. He worked on exercises and by skilful massaging made an immediate improvement. Friendly, supportive and clear with his explanations and guidance – he provided an excellent and professional service. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Rory, for helping to ease my neck pain and giving me acupuncture (after 20 years since I last had it!) I find it has helped so much. You have been so patient and gentle with me during the painful time with my neck. Thank you.”

“Rory was excellent in all respects, very competent, knew his job, relaxed and helpfully explained what he was doing. I couldn’t have been in better hands.”

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