Sandra O’Hagan – Testimonials

“I began seeing Sandra when I had reached a stage of hopelessness over my fertility. My partner and I were 41 & had recently been refused IVF on the NHS which left us feeling demoralised & not sure how to go forward.
Sandra immediately put me at ease & gave me confidence that I had still had a chance to conceive. Her advise spanned not only her own treatment but lifestyle adjustments that could significantly increase my ability to get pregnant. She was compassionate, intelligently informed & a constant support.
The acupuncture I received was both relaxing & stimulating & I made every effort to follow her guidance. Within 3 months of following Sandra’s program of treatment I was delighted to discover I was pregnant. I truly believe Sandra has changed my life & enabled me to fulfil my dream of finally becoming a mother. I could not recommend anyone more and will be forever grateful to Sandra for her help in our having our baby girl.”

“Sandra completely solved my menstrual cycle irregularity. I went from a cycle length of anywhere from 42 to 14 days to a completely regular 30 day cycle, she was the only thing that worked, and I’ve never looked back. I walk out of her studio floating on air, with minimised PMS symptoms, reduced anxiety and just a general feeling of ease. She’s just essential.”

“Sandra O’Hagan has brought me so much relief from psoriasis through her treatment and her commitment to finding the right approach. At least eighty-five percent of my body has cleared following an holistic, non-medical approach, which has Sandra’s treatment as its essential core. It has been amazing to see whole areas of psoriasis receding and disappearing. One can see and feel improvement after every visit. I recommend that anyone, especially those who’ve experienced years of unsuccessful treatments with traditional creams and drugs, who suffers from psoriasis to put their trust in Sandra. The combination of her experience, knowledge, skill and care will definitely help.”

“The treatment I received from Sandra was unbelievable. I walked in unable to stand upright and in incredible pain. After one session, followed quickly by another, I was pain-free. Please, any doubters, try acupuncture. You will be amazed!!!!”
David, Richmond

“I started seeing Sandra following a fall. I suffered nerve damage, especially my sciatic nerve, which resulted in tingling sensations in my foot. The techniques she uses help a lot. Sandra uses cupping before the acupuncture and also moxibustion to heat the needles. This has a really beneficial effect and calms the sensations in my foot, and my sciatic nerve. Sandra has also helped with the stress I suffered from the injury and with confidence issues in returning to work and onward. Sandra is calm and reassuring, her practice is holistic to suit her clients. Sandra also introduced Chinese herbs into my treatment. Which I think reinforces the individualised care she provides. I’m sure I couldn’t have recovered like I have without her.”
Hannah, Richmond

“Sandra’s knowledge and understanding of how acupuncture can help me is brilliant. I will always see her if I need a “boost” and am set back on the right track. Thank you.”
Rowan, Richmond

“I can thoroughly recommend Sandra O’Hagan in her work in both acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Her passion and belief in Chinese medicine is palpable. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her work.”
Jeremy P, Richmond

“A very belated thank you for all your amazing acupuncture which contributed to our beautiful daughter. I am amazed at how effective acupuncture can be and very grateful to you.”

“For months following an operation I was in awful discomfort and came to Sandra in a bit of a state. After listening carefully to my medical history we started a course of acupuncture. At the start of every session Sandra will ask questions which will tailor that session’s acupuncture to how you are feeling, and she remembers your case with such precision you never have to repeat yourself from previous weeks. It is like she is on a journey with you.

Initially I was a little daunted by the needles, but I was put at ease and found the session enjoyable. I actually look forward to the sessions and the relaxation you instantly feel!
After just a couple of weeks of acupuncture I started noticing the benefits, but now 2 months on I feel almost as normal. Sandra is an excellent acupuncturist and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Janine, Richmond

“Sandra has helped me with reoccurring headaches & migraines, I couldn’t be happier with the treatment I’ve received. I’ve never experienced any pain from the needles and the level of relief I’ve had is astounding.”

“Had baby last night after a treatment with Sandra. Acupuncture worked wonders again! Thank you!”
Uma, Richmond

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