Stephanie James – Testimonials

“Stephanie James is an asset to The Forge. An excellent practitioner. Professional, approachable and each treatment feels as if it is really helping. Stephanie has given me a lot of hope and optimism again. She naturally understands the problem and her experience shows. ”

“Wonderful treatment, always feel so much better after seeing her.”

“Stephanie was excellant in explaining and treating my problem. I felt elated when treatment was given and made me feel confident to do normal things again.”

“I found Stephanie’s treatment extremely helpful. She’s intuitive and sensitive. She was able to pinpoint my problem and explained everything in great detail.”

“I found Stephanie to be a wonderful practitioner. Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and explained the whole process of treatment and the wider picture of pain management. I found my sessions pleasant, relaxing and helpful. Would HIGHLY recommend.”

“Stephanie is very understanding, listening and whatever she is doing it’s helping and had good advice. Thanks to her and The Forge Clinic.”

“{Stephanie} is very attentive to every detail and the treatment made a difference to my well being from 1st meeting.”

“Stephanie has the hands of a goddess! I am in much less pain today!!!!! So happy!”
Eimear, Twickenham

“Stephanie’s approach was very professional. She worked intuitively and gently to relieve tensions throughout [my son’s] head and body. In fact I had hardly seen Jack so relaxed than during his sessions with her. After 4 weekly treatments, he was much more settled and progressed well. His sleeping patterns became regular much to our relief.”

“I would strongly recommend Stephanie to any new parents and will bring back Jack for regular check-ups too.”
Sophie M – Full time Mum, Putney

“Stephanie takes a holistic approach as she treats more than just the symptoms and looks for the source of the pain. By doing this, she has been able to lessen my shoulder problem and give me rapid pain relief. Also she has been able to strengthen my body where necessary through treatment and tailored exercise regimes. Stephanie has an excellent caring approach. Her treatments are always carefully considered and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.”
Jane L – Make Up Artist Raynes Park London

“Very good as always and thank you so much.”

“I think Stephanie is one of the best Osteopaths I have ever seen.”

“My treatment was excellant and I would come again if needed, knowing I would be dealt with professionally”

“During my first pregnancy I suffered from very bad pain in my lower back and pelvis and would occasionally experience some sciatica symptoms. Stephanie treated me with gentle techniques. I found her treatments to be extremely relaxing and felt a huge relief after my sessions with her. As a result I would also notice that I would sleep better and that my general wellbeing (level of energy) would improve. Further to my first successful pregnancy, I made appointments every months throughout my second pregnancy to prevent the symptoms from recurring. I also visited Stephanie on a couple of occasion after each delivery to help my body recover. Thanks to her treatments, I am now completely back to normal and can run around like before my pregnancies.”
Sarah F – Full-Time Mum, Clapham, London

“I cannot speak highly enough of my practitioner Stephanie James. She has helped me considerably. I shall be continuing treatment as it has been effective in tackling a very long standing problem.”

“Stephanie was very patient and listened attentively to my concerns/issues. She explained things clearly and I felt confident that she was looking after my needs well. Thank you.”

“Stephanie James was absolutely great in dealing with my back pain. She made sure that I understood all the technical terms she used to explain my condition and further treatment.”

“After a panic ring round on Easter Saturday before flying out to a cycle training camp in Mallorca, the clinic were able to fit me in with Stephanie. I was in agony as my back was in spasm from a long-standing back injury, but Stephanie’s treatment enabled me to ride all 6 days of my training camp without any pain. A follow up visit on return confirmed all was OK as Stephanie applied more treatment to the injured area. I am now keeping a watching brief and able to train and race as normal. I am very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie’ s skills.”

“After suffering from a locked jaw for nearly a week, with no relief from other treatments, Stephanie was able to release it. The treatment was gentle and soothing, which was much-needed after the stress caused by the discomfort. She took every part of my body into account, rather than just the area affected and I feel a million times better all over. Many thanks!”

“Stephanie was excellent and answered all my questions and helped explain exactly what was happening to my back.”

“Stephanie is excellent at her job – well done!”

“Thank you for all your help and advice :)”

“Very helpful and immediately put me at ease, explaining all the treatments clearly and asking lots of questions to get a clear picture of what the causes are and contributing factors. Her treatment has worked wonders and my back is much better in a short time. Fantastic!”

“Stephanie is excellent. Treatment really helped me feel better. Thank you!”

“I was referred to The Forge Clinic by my GP to see an osteopath. I must say that after the first session, I was able to feel a difference. By the end of my last session I am able to do more activities than before. I still have to take it easy, but I was was when I first came compared to how I am now is a huge improvement. A massive thank you to Stephanie James, a lovely and caring professional.”

“Stephanie made me feel very welcome and demonstrated positive care and compassion to my individual needs. A very lovely lady.”

“Stephanie did me a world of good in the four sessions she treated me. I came in a lot of pain, now I am pain free and more and more aware of my physical tendencies. I also felt very relaxed during the sessions.”

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