Tristan Jones – Testimonials

“Fantastic Osteopath, has really helped and has managed to almost completely solve my back pain.”

“I’ve been experiencing severe chronic back pain and Tristan is the first person to actively assist and provide workable solutions. Certain aspects have improved whilst others persist but I feel with more time and support this will get better.”

“Very good and helpful, keep it up!”

“Very caring and positive when dealing with me. Paid attention to what I said.”

“What a gent and knows his stuff.”

“The best consultant I have ever had and I’ve seen a few. I felt renewed after each session. Many Thanks.”

“Excellent progress. I am feeling better and on a good recovery path after four weeks!”

“[Tristan] made me feel good about my condition, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“One day prior to going on holiday I injured my back and was just about to cancel when I remembered The Forge Clinic. I visited Tristan Jones and in 45 minutes he had me back on my feet and thanks to him he saved my holiday.”

“I saw Tristan for severe lower back pain caused by carrying my 6 year old daughter on my hip. Tristan gave me a brilliant treatment and I left virtually pain free!”

“Tristan treated my back pain with care and attention and was always careful to explain what he was going to do and making sure I was comfortable with it. I recommend him.”

“I was put at ease at once and felt confident with the treatment despite initially being in much pain & concerned. Would recommend to anybody.”

“I’ve struggled with back pain (often acute) for 20+ years. In four sessions, i’m not only pain free but have received valuable education and a care plan to ensure I remain free of pain. An excellent service.”

“Tristan is a magician. Both my 15 year old daughter and I have had numerous treatments (my daughter for a sports related injury and to get me through the London Marathon). Tristan talks you through everything he is doing and we have both literally skipped out after seeing him. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

“Tristan Jones has been very knowledgeable and helpful”

“Tristan has been immensely helpful. My back has really started to improve and I’ve learned a lot about my back and my health. I have recommended him to many friends. I have seen several physios regarding my back and Tristan has been the most professional. I have experienced massive improvements that I didn’t think were possible. Thank you!”

“Tristan understands the problem exactly and treated the symptoms of pain very well according to the best of my ability to work with him. He has done a wonderful job. Excellent Osteopath, highly recommended, great guy!”

“Always excellent treatment, I leave feeling a lot better and looking forward to next time.”

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