Acupuncture for Menopause – case study 2

Donna* decided to try traditional acupuncture as she wanted a natural treatment to help her through the menopause.

Acupuncture and menopauseShe had begun to experience hot flushes and night sweats shortly after her 50th birthday.

“When they became more frequent and difficult to live with, I went to my GP whose only proposal was to go down the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) route,” explains Donna. “But I was reluctant to go there.”

So, Donna began searching for another way that might offer her the support she needed during this challenging new phase in her life. She was finding the menopause particularly difficult, not just physically, but emotionally too.

“For many years I had found my waning fertility hard to deal with”, she explains. “I knew that I needed something to help me manage these feelings and embrace the changes my body was going through in a more holistic way.”

Then a friend suggested that Donna should consider acupuncture therapy. So, she decided to book a preliminary consultation with qualified acupuncturist Maureen McCann. After a long, in-depth discussion about her physical symptoms and emotional health, Maureen proposed a personalised treatment programme which Donna was eager to start.

This tailored series of regular treatments proved to be effective. Donna says: “Not only did the hot flushes and sweats disappear very quickly, but I also felt generally ‘better’.”

A few months after the initial acupuncture treatments, whenever Donna experienced another occasional hot flush, she would immediately book a further session of acupuncture.

“Again, the symptoms disappeared straight away!” she smiles.

“Then I remember one evening many months later, being surprised when a hot flush started as I had forgotten all about them. I booked myself in for a treatment again and that was the last hot flush I ever had.”

“Acupuncture very quickly and effectively removed hot flushes from my life, but just as importantly for me, acupuncture has continued to make me feel ‘better’ in myself, in a way I find hard to put into words.”

While Donna is convinced that acupuncture played a vital role in easing her menopausal symptoms, she has also been pleasantly surprised that it has boosted her sense of well-being too.

“From time to time, when I find it difficult to deal with everyday life, I visit Maureen for treatment. Not only does she provide a safe environment and a space to be able to talk through and reflect on what’s happening to me, but Maureen also tailors a treatment plan to ‘top me up’ after which I feel re-energised.

In fact, Maureen is my first port of call when things are not right – not only does she know me far better than my GP, but I firmly believe that acupuncture stimulates my body’s own healing response and helps me help myself.”

Acupuncture in Richmond to relieve menopausal symptoms

Acupuncture may reduce the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety and aches and pains. If you would like to try this gentle and effective treatment, please book a consultation with one of our dedicated and qualified Acupuncturists Maureen McCann and Sandra O’Hagan.

To book your appointment, please call 020 8332 6184, email, or book online.

Please note that our treatments do not replace medical advice and treatment. If you have any concerns, please consult your GP.

*Name changed to protect patient confidentiality