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Natural Lift Face Massage

Over time facial expressions, stress, pollution and the process of ageing cause muscles in the face to lose tone and elasticity, resulting in sagginess and lines. The Natural Lift Face Massage is a rejuvenating treatment that works on those tense facial muscles that create and deepen lines on the face, to bring suppleness and vibrancy back to the skin.

What is the Natural Lift Face Massage?

The Natural Lift Face Massage uses a blend of techniques including Ayurveda massage, acupressure, facial reflexology techniques and lymphatic drainage on the face and neck. There are over 40 muscles in the face and a regular massage can help to keep them toned and give your face and skin a more ‘lifted’ feel.

This 30-minute treatment may help to:

  • Release tension in the face, neck, jaw and shoulders
  • Improve the condition and suppleness of the skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and expression lines
  • Enhance and define features such as the cheekbones and jaw line
  • Relieve headaches, eye strain, sinus problems and insomnia
  • Aid lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins
  • Strengthen and tone the facial muscles to prevent sagging skin
  • Promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

What should I expect from my Natural Lift Face Massage appointment?

You will have an assessment at the start of your treatment to determine any specific areas of tension or concerns you may have. The massage will then be carried out while you are lying down.

Your shoulders, neck and upper back need to free of clothing, so you will be asked to remove items such as your top, bra straps and jewellery. You will be covered with towels/blankets to ensure you feel comfortable and warm throughout the treatment. The treatment includes some work on your scalp, so do tell your therapist to skip this if you would prefer to leave your hair untouched. As your facial muscles are massaged, you won’t be able to talk during your treatment, which will make it a wonderful time to totally relax and unwind.

The treatment lasts for 30 minutes. However, you may wish to book an hour-long session to incorporate a relaxing, tension-relieving back massage.

Please note that the Natural Lift Face Massage is not suited to patients who have had Botox treatment within the last six months.

The Natural Lift Face Massage is offered by Nicky McClean

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