Pilates was originally created to treat injured and bed-ridden soldiers during the First World War, making it ideal for rehabilitation and dealing with recurring or chronic pain.

As a trained physiotherapists, Lara Maddison and Bridget Burleigh combine their knowledge of injuries and rehabilitation with their Pilates knowledge. Pilates is versatile and can be modified to meet different needs, it’s also appropriate for any age, even expectant mothers.

As a controlled form of exercise, Pilates is safe for people recovering from accidents and works to decrease recovery time and prevent injuries recurring, through flexibility, balanced movement and strengthening exercises.

Patients who are suffering from joint injuries or who have recently had a hip or knee replacement will find that Pilates treatment benefits them greatly. Pilates helps to increase the level of mobility in joints and is proven to help people to regain their mobility in a shorter period of time than normal. As Pilates is also known to help with blood circulation and flexibility, patients suffering from back and neck pain also find that they benefit from regular instruction.

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Please note that our advice and treatments do not replace medical advice and treatment. If you have any concerns, please see your GP first.