The lymph system is part of the body’s immune system. It helps to fight infection and acts as a toxin filter. Unlike blood, which is pumped around your body by your heart, the lymph system relies on pressure from your blood vessels and movement from your muscles for its flow. Its function is to transport nutrients and oxygen to all cells, carrying white blood cells and antibodies and collecting toxins to be eliminated by the liver.

Lymph drainage massage uses gentle, rhythmic strokes to stretch the skin in the desired direction to stimulate and increase lymphatic flow where it has become sluggish. It may also promote optimal functioning of the lymphatic vessels.

The treatment consists of light circular strokes on the whole body working towards all major lymph nodes. This includes around the face and neck, shoulders, arms, hands, abdomen, legs, feet and back.

A full body manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment lasts for one hour. We also offer a 30 minute session which can be carried out on a specific area like the legs or upper body. As lymph is being produced constantly, regular treatments are advised.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is offered by Giuliana Newman.

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Please note that our treatments do not replace medical advice and treatment. If you have any concerns, please see your GP first.