Julie Deeks – Testimonials

“I saw Julie as I was struggling with low energy and digestive issues, and felt overwhelmed by all the different advice available. After a thorough consultation she gave me clear, helpful information and advice, and also supported me between appointments. A few days before my marathon I was stressing out and she gave me practical guidance which made a big difference. I would really recommend her”.

“Many thanks Julie, was a outer body experience, you are truly a healer and carer. Thank you for all your advice and magic touch.”
Laura (after a Indian Head Massage)

“A session with Julie is informative and interesting with advice that really targets your particular health issue. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough.”

“Julie has been a knowledgeable, patient, concerned and motivating guide on what has been a long journey, without doubt, the best thing I have ever done for myself. Nutritional Therapy is an option that is definitely worth exploring.”
Melinda,Business Manager

“What I have learnt from Julie has been invaluable and has had a very definite and direct impact on my wellbeing and health. I am livelier, stronger and slimmer thanks to Julie.”
Helen, Graphic Designer

“Julie has a personal yet professional approach and I always felt she was fully committed to supporting and helping me as much as she could, often going that extra step to research around unusual or less well understood issues.”
Sarah, Massage Therapist

“After three months of a new diet and various other lifestyle changes, I now have a complete balance in my hormones (tested by my consultant) and an even healthier lifestyle. Amazing!! Thank you, Julie!”
Alexa, Ambika Yoga

“An Indian head massage with Julie Deeks is the most calming and soothing experience I’ve ever had!”

“Julie’s continuous support, and often spontaneous emails check-ups have truly transformed me from a man reliant on take-away meals due to my busy lifestyle, to one that habitually prepares breakfast shakes full of nutrients and healthy dinners. I would not hesitate recommending Julie to my friends and family and look forward to continue to visit her on a regular basis.”

“I am so pleased with the progress I have made in such a short space of time. Julie’s expert, tailored advice has really helped boost my own efforts to improve my energy levels through better nutrition. There is just so much conflicting advice out there and it’s hard to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. I feel a lot more confident that I’m do the right things for me now and the results speak for themselves.”

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